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USDA Choice Tri-Tips



The iconic development of the Tri-Tip just got better with E3 Ranch as the East Coast favorite has been introduced to our highest of standards and qualities. From grass-fed farming to a wet-aged process, the triangular steak offers a buttery and tender taste that would make anyone melt.



  • Red and black angus genetics
  • Grass fed, grain finished
  • Never subjected to antibiotics, steroids, or added hormones
  • Hand cut by our Master Butcher
  • Wet-Aged for 28 days
  • Individually wrapped
  • Flash-frozen
  • Raised and grazed in the USA
  • Average Size- 42oz.
Product ships frozen and will arrive frozen or cool to the touch. For more information click here.

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    Preference description Internal temp
    Rare Red center, very cool 120 - 130°F
    Medium Rare Red, warm center 130 - 135°F
    Medium Pink throughout 135 - 145°F
    Medium Well Pink center 145 - 155°F
    Well Done No pink

    Not recommended, considered animal cruelty



    Ingredients: Beef

    These products are processed in our plants in Nebraska, USA after undergoing a strict series of quality checks and under the supervision of the United States Department of Agriculture.

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